Michael is retired with honor as a U.S. Navy officer
and also as a certified police officer.
Service calls are $85.00 per hour. This is to be paid during the visit. Payment for parts required to repair or modify any computer or peripheral is required in advance, when such part is not installed during the same visit. Please pay by check, cash or money order. Credit cards are not accepted as this adds merchant costs to your expenses.
Business Customer advantage
You are the owner or manager of your business. Your control of information and data to run your business is essential. So is controlling expenses. Service calls and emergent computer problems impact on your budget.

Here is your solution
Contract a licensed, certified professional, with their own business insurance and references. You can forecast your spending months in advance and not worry about unplanned expenses for your computer systems.
You will have:
·  an office computer system that is organized
·  software and programs that will be up to date
·  employees that will be trained on the programs they use
·  a backup plan to ensure you never have any data loss
·  a phone number to contact for those “quick questions”
·  assistance to develop your system security plan
·  a discounted labor rate for employee-owned computers

The logical choice
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Verify your computer technician. Would you see a doctor who has no credentials?  Use only certified, licensed and insured technicians.

Ask to see proof of these items.
Remote Assistance with your computer

We use remote connection software to join with your computer. You must allow installation of a small program. We can only make a connection when you "unlock the door" and only with your constant supervision. You should never allow unattended access to your computer by any person or group, including technicians.

Service calls are $45.00 for one hour or less.

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  MichaeLogic will monitor your PC and
     fix issues when needed
  You can ask for help whenever you have a question
  It's safe and secure - MichaeLogic will not have any access
    to your personal files and information

Integrity is important

Most technicians cannot produce four simple documents
    + Technical Certification
    + Business License
    + Business Insurance
    + References

Ask for proof !

Use only certified, licensed and insured technicians.
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AeroAdmin - Remote Desktop SoftwareAeroAdmin - Remote Desktop Software